Our Mission

We believe that every human deserves the opportunity to live a happy and prosperous life, and that we will not achieve this goal without a strong and high-functioning social sector. At Kinetic West, we empower leading social sector organizations to solve their toughest challenges on the way to supporting regional prosperity.


Our values


Ivory towers aren't our thing. Our goal isn’t to impress you with flash, it’s to serve you as effectively as possible. That means limiting “consultant speak” (or doing our best to) and making things as simple as they can be (but not simpler). We take our partners seriously, but not ourselves.

Hard Work

We’re enthusiastic problem solvers and know that if the solution was quick and easy, you would’ve found it already. We work patiently, methodically, and strategically to deliver the best possible solution to you.


We strive to be good stewards of your time and to help you get the most value possible out of working with us. Efficiency is more than just getting stuff done - it also means making sure that you get the results you need in good time so that you can move forward, instead of letting projects drag on unnecessarily.


Empowering Others

We’re here to work with you, instead of delivering a pile of papers and recommendations to you. We start by meeting you where you are and working backwards towards a solution - whether that means getting down in the weeds or finding a high-level view of the problem.