Kinetic West is a social impact consultancy. We empower leading social, public, and private sector organizations to solve their toughest challenges on the way to supporting regional prosperity.

Our approach

While each client and project is different, our engagements often follow a few key steps:

Getting to Know you

We meet you where you are and work from there. This means starting with deep conversations with you, your team, and your partners to understand who you are and what you need before we get started.

Generating Hypotheses

We take a “hypothesis-driven” approach to our work.  This iterative process, begins with an educated guess, put “on paper”, of potential solutions.  Once we have aligned with you and your team on the hypotheses, we go to work to prove or disprove each one – essentially asking “What do you need to believe for X to be true?” Setting hypotheses early ensures we focus on only the most impactful analyses to get you better results, faster.

Collecting & analyzing data

Internal data analysis – We take a thorough look at your organization’s existing strategies, capabilities, and programming as we develop recommendations.  Example data analyses include: financial statement audits, process evaluations, staff / board / community interviews and focus groups, and surveys.

External data analysis – To help you plot your course, it’s important to understand the best practices of your sector.  We leverage a variety of external sources including expert interviews, leading academic literature, and benchmarking, in addition to our team’s multiple years of experience across non-profit, private, and public sectors.

Collaborating with you and your team

We take a collaborative approach to each project.  We believe in transparency and regular communication to ensure alignment, validate our assumptions, test our thinking, and refine our hypotheses.  We will schedule frequent check-ins with you and your team to make sure that we’re on the right track.  We know priorities change throughout a project, and we don’t want anyone surprised at the end.

Implementing your plan

We take client empowerment seriously – and that means partnering with you from strategy design to execution and implementation.  This includes internal / external communications, board presentations, team capacity building, and on-call troubleshooting.  Our commitment to you is results, not a binder on a shelf.